Poetry Contest: Creative Erotica

Creative Erotica Results

Grand prize: DC$ 50

Contest Creator: GhettoZombie

The rules were given as the following:

This contest involves a strange place where someone might want to enjoy having a sexual liaison. Entries will be judged on not only the place in which one would have sex, but also the details and imagery used to describe the place, as well as the act. Imagery is key in this contest, as well as a non-cliched location. Beaches and forests are completely out, as they represent the classic erotic experience. The poem can be written in any format, so long as it is a new entry.

Also, it is recommended that the title of the poem be the location or circumstance.

Props to Iwas for funding this contest.


Contest Entries for "Creative Erotica"

Title Entered Award
Porcelain In(stall)ment2012-08-03
Satan's right hand angel2012-08-03
10 Hail Marys and an orgasm.2012-08-04
(bouncy) castle invasion.2012-08-08Winner!
Just Me and Little Dipper2012-07-30
two to tango ...2012-08-12
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