Poetry Contest: Once Upon A Fable

Once Upon A Fable Results

Grand prize: DC$ 12

Contest Creator: Alchemist

The rules were given as the following:

Any one who knows me around these parts knows I love to write short stories and mine tend to turn into a fable like story. Now I would love to hear your fables. So the contest is simple write a short story in the form of a fable.

Fable: A legendary story of supernatural happenings and/or a narration intended to enforce a useful truth; especially one in which animals speak and act like human beings.

Like the definition says I usually use personification to display some sort of virtue. I know in the valley of DP things are usually dark but even when preaching goodwill you can paint a pretty grim tale, so have your fun and write one hell of a story.

One more thing this is in no way a poem contest although poetic form and meter in this short story will make things sound and flow more smoothly.


Contest Entries for "Once Upon A Fable"

Title Entered Award
The Tree That Never Fell.2014-03-03Winner!
Little-Big Frog.2014-03-06
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