Poetry Contest: There's some Horrors in this house.

There's some Horrors in this house. Results

Grand prize: DC$ 12

Contest Creator: Lux

The rules were given as the following:

Phew, it's been a long time since I hosted a contest.


This is a free-form, open contest. Anyone can join in and submit a work.

Theme: Tribute to your favorite Halloween/Horror/Thriller movie or music video!

It can be cute and creepy, it can be downright disgusting and dreary. Your choice!

You must state the work/video/movie that you're tributing in the Author's Note of the work itself.

Have fun!


Contest Entries for "There's some Horrors in this house."

Title Entered Award
Sunshine on Blackwater2020-10-23Winner!
The Twist2020-10-26
Lunacy Fiend2020-10-25
All the Same2020-10-22
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