Poetry Contest: Poetlandia

Poetlandia Results

Grand prize: DC$ 25

Contest Creator: Anna McCarra

The rules were given as the following:

According to Wiktionary:


(humorous) A fictional or metaphorical place relating to the person or thing being suffixed.

Create your own Poetlandia*, in whatever style of poetry you wish. The rules are as follows:

1. Create some landscape to give your poetic flight of fancy it's own geography. Is your Poetlandia a village, an island, a country, a world, or...?

2. Inhabit the land. What people, creatures, and things make this your poetic home?

3. Make some magic. Fantasy, high or low, magical realism, someone's wish upon a star, a forgotten dream...

Tag your poem: Poetlandia

Have fun!

*Fresh from your imagination only.


Contest Entries for "Poetlandia"

Title Entered Award
The Sage and the Tree2018-02-20
19th May 2008, Full Moon, Agios Stefanos, Corfu2018-02-04
In my Garden of thought,2018-02-11
muted motherland2018-02-06Winner!
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