Poetry Contest: A Chuckle A Day...

A Chuckle A Day... Results

Grand prize: DC$ 16

Contest Creator: Skye

The rules were given as the following:

The rules are simple. You can write about whatever you want. The object is to make me laugh. This MUST be in a poetic format of some type.. If you make me laugh by writing a simple non poetic joke, it won't count.

Metering, rhyming, using eclectic/obscure verbiage, etc. will garner additional points and become a tie breaker if necessary, but will not win you the prize if your submission isn't funny.

Longer is not necessarily better, either. Again, it is as simple as making me laugh by reading a poem to get the prize.

Prize will be 16 ducats to do with as you please. This contest will run for two weeks (14 days). Make it happen, you funny, funny peoples =)


Contest Entries for "A Chuckle A Day..."

Title Entered Award
fucking stars2013-02-16
Snow White is a condescending cunt.2013-02-16
Worst Predator Ever2013-02-19
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