Poetry Contest: Keep your cake; I have Ducats

Keep your cake; I have Ducats Results

Grand prize: DC$ 12

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The rules were given as the following:

This poetry contest is the perfect opportunity to show off your favorite poems.

Pick a favorite poem of yours and add onto it in order to reshape, refinish or recreate it. The poem can be an original from a Dark Poetry Member, or can be from another author.

You must link the original poem in your Author's note. If it's from a book, or e book, find a site that has the poem in your form and link it that way.

You will be judged on creativity, word use, but mostly on how well your added on parts interlace and interact with the original poem.

Good luck!


Contest Entries for "Keep your cake; I have Ducats"

Title Entered Award
O Sleeper, Arise2012-11-21
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