Poetry Contest: Death In Times Stead

Death In Times Stead Results

Grand prize: DC$ 14

Contest Creator: Detriment

The rules were given as the following:

The aim of this contest, Is to see who can come up with the most original, death sentence... There are ton's of horror's out nowadays and I would like to see some new ways of mutilating the human body, where and how it's done.

...Plucking out fingernails with mere pliers...

The entry you submit must be new work.
There is no minimum or maximum word limit. The judge will be looking for imagery, creativity, spelling, use of alliteration and a consistent flow.

Best of luck.

The contest ends on the 4th of september.


Contest Entries for "Death In Times Stead"

Title Entered Award
The Death Convoy2012-08-25
Should have bought a Crimson carpet2012-08-28Winner!
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