Poetry Contest: Foodgasm (DP: Gluttony)

Foodgasm (DP: Gluttony) Results

Grand prize: DC$ 10

Contest Creator: GhettoZombie

The rules were given as the following:

DP: Gluttony will be the third installment of the Deadly Sins series. I am looking for poems which will evoke a sense of passion for a particular food. Because this is for Gluttony, I want your poems to be rich with imagery of your go to food. It could be a comfort food. It could be something luxurious. It could be anything you want. Ideally, I will have more than 10 poems submitted for my approval. The winner will receive not just ducats, but will receive credit for winning in the chapbook. If you have already been accepted to three books, you are not eligible for this contest and your entry will be automatically disqualified. That said, get to it and let me feel your foodgasms flow.


Contest Entries for "Foodgasm (DP: Gluttony)"

Title Entered Award
Cherikee Red2017-08-02
Naga's Revenge2017-07-31Winner!
A Love Like Diabetes (2 versions)2017-08-03
Willow Wine2017-08-09
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