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Grand prize: DC$ 10

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The rules were given as the following:

Creative Writing 101
The instructions are: Write a poem with a surprise ending!
Any style, including free verse, is acceptable. Prize will be given to the most creative, entertaining poem as decided by a team of three judges? Grandaddy Bonegrinder, and his two sons? Kenton ? English Professor SUNY Fredonia, Adam ? Chair of Education - St Bonevanture.
*FYI - Unintentional spelling errors seriously detract from any written work.
Please? USE A SPELL CHECKER on your final draft!
Good luck to all and have fun!


Contest Entries for " ?Surprise Ending? poem..."

Title Entered Award
A Bad Trip2010-03-11
Three Dimensional2010-03-06
someone i couldn't do without (the page)2010-03-17
The Thing About Sex2010-03-04
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