Poetry Contest: If Daryl dies, they're screwed.

If Daryl dies, they're screwed. Results

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The rules were given as the following:

Most of you know what I'm talking about!
The Walking Dead!

This contest is designed to show off your survival skills when the mindless herds come through. Please follow the directions, as most of you did not in my last contest.

This contest will be slightly more difficult but of course, even more rewarding when you open your eyes to having to put your theories on paper.

This is a short story contest, meaning no poetic form.

Here are the requirements.

1) The story MUST be 600 words minimum.
2) It must depict a short act, attack, or survival method, even something as simple as gathering gear up for said impending Apocalypse. Your Apocalypse can be in any form, virus wipes out most of human kind, zombies, even something as simple as a conspiracy that the military kill majority of humans off.
3) Whatever your apocalypse is, you must state it in either the Title OR the Author's Note.
4) You MUST include detailing of a weapon, detailing of your character(s) food and supply shortage/storage, and how the apocalypse came to be.

Bonus points to those who use references from popular apocalypse movies, and bonuses for those who create an all original story as well.

Have fun and good luck!


Contest Entries for "If Daryl dies, they're screwed. "

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