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Poetry Of Its Self Results

Grand prize: DC$ 18

Contest Creator: Skye

The rules were given as the following:

This contest is for the best poem honoring and regarding the specific art of poetry itself or its authors. The poem should be about poetry and it's meaning, effect, and effectiveness, to you, whether it be of reading it or writing it. It can include a poem regarding poets themselves, or of poetry specifically.

1. The submission must be in poetic form. It must be distinguishable from prose.

2. Any poetic style, technique, and format can be used as long as it is distinguishable to the judge - Me - as poetry and not simple prose. If you use a specific technique, it is suggested to notate it's usage in your author's note or tags.

3. The objective is to write a poem (Henceforth referred to as "work") about poetry and it's impact on the writer of the work being written and submitted for contest.

4. The work submitted should follow the standard theme of the site. Effectively, it should be "dark poetry". This does not mean the overall message must be entirely negative in a sense, it just shouldn't be what is referred to here colloquially as "Sunshine Scribbling".

5. This poem can be previously published to this site, another, or never to any online medium until submission here, but the submission must be your own written work.

6. Graphic and audio mediums can be submitted. A plain text transcript must accompany the submission, though, as the poetry will be judged at a specifically lyrical level as viewed when read.

If there are any questions, please feel free to DP Mail me. You can also message me in chatter, but if I'm not here or not looking at the chatter, I may not see it.

A few examples can be seen here:

Regarding Poets:



Contest Entries for "Poetry Of Its Self"

Title Entered Award
Silent Choir2017-09-01
Poetry in the dark2017-08-29
A Poem to Poems2017-08-30Winner!
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