Poetry Contest: Apex Grin Buzz Write

Apex Grin Buzz Write Results

Grand prize: DC$ 12

Contest Creator: carlosjackal

The rules were given as the following:

The rules of the contest are simple:

*Enter a poem you've written that you feel is the best thing you have ever produced.
*That one poem that you feel is you at the top of your game. The Apex.
*That one poem that, despite how you feel about yourself as a writer in general, puts a smile on your face because it was a massive buzz to create and made you feel like you'd accomplished something in literary terms.

That's it!

The poem can be new or old, on any subject, deal with any theme just as long as you truly feel it's your best work or that one work that you're most proud of.

Get entering!


Contest Entries for "Apex Grin Buzz Write"

Title Entered Award
Broken Throne 2016-11-20
It's Raining2016-11-20
The Illness2016-11-29
Portrait (Cruel Work of Art)2016-11-24
a brief anatomy of gentle wonder2016-11-22Winner!
Book Of Pain2016-11-21
A dying mind2016-11-27
We Are the Night2016-11-20
She Is My Dream2016-12-06
A wish for words 2016-11-20
Faltering Life 2016-12-01
my flavor is red. 2016-11-20
optically illusive: leashed of all my worries2016-12-04
Polemical Poetry2016-11-20
Madness Comes in Different Flavors - Final Post2016-11-21
the merit of closed doors2016-11-25
The Death of Art, The Raven, and The Rose.2016-11-21
Robin's Song2016-12-05
" Overfuture "2016-11-21
Puzzle Pieces2016-11-24
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