Poetry Contest: Villanelle

Villanelle Results

Grand prize: DC$ 10

Contest Creator: Honey

The rules were given as the following:

This is a villanelle contest...
inspired by the immortal ScorpionHela(http://www.darkpoetry.com/node/user/78).
efforts are clearly marked.
Take the time to appreciate her...
and do not disgrace her.

It is far easier to link examples and definitions than try to explain.

Here they are



contest will go for 21 days.
The prize will be 10 ducats.

I thank you for your participation.
If you have any questions,comments or concerns...please feel free to send me a mail.


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Contest Entries for "Villanelle"

Title Entered Award
True Pain2010-12-22
Villanelle -- The Price of Infidelity2010-12-20Winner!
Your Torment is a Work of Art2010-12-10
villanelle ; rapture me2010-12-19
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