Poetry Contest: Dark Horse Poetry

Dark Horse Poetry Results

Grand prize: DC$ 8

Contest Creator: carlosjackal

The rules were given as the following:

What's the one piece that you've always struggled to come to terms with in your mind as to whether it's a strong work or not but everyone else insists is your masterpiece?

Enter that piece into this contest for a chance to win 8 Ducats!


Contest Entries for "Dark Horse Poetry"

Title Entered Award
-Until Next Time In The Universe-2018-12-28
Broken Throne 2018-12-31Winner!
Prison. (Agoraphobia) 2019-01-16
Postcard from my Dreams2019-01-11
of seawater and of skin, of boys too close2018-12-28
Still, I Wake.2018-12-30
...Hues 2019-01-18
stalactite jesus, stalagmite jezebel2019-01-25
It bleeds2019-01-14
behold the field in which I grow my fucks.2019-01-03
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