Poetry Contest: Dark Lore: Myth and Legend.

Dark Lore: Myth and Legend. Results

Grand prize: DC$ 28

Contest Creator: TheProphetUntold

The rules were given as the following:

: The Tribe of Cain Presents :
: Dark Lore: Myth and Legend :

Well met, travelers.

For this contest we would like you to submit a new work on the subject of a myth or legend of your choice OR create one of your own. It could be about a god, beast, place, or person. Whatever tickles your fancy. Here are a few rules and guidelines.

*No more than 30 lines.

*Your title must include "Dark Lore:" as a prefix to the title of the work so we know which new poems are contest entries.

Dark Lore: The Wise One
Dark Lore: Moth Man
Dark Lore: Sasquatch Lives!

* The more dark, violent or risqué the better.

All of our contests are judged on a fair scale I use to judge all The Tribe of Cain contests. Points are earned by creative merit (effort or illusion of effort given), Poetic elements ( rhyme, allegory, alliteration, etc..), and meter, which is a poetic element but I feel is crucial to a poem. And I don't judge specific meters, I just look to see if the poem moves in a way that makes reading it enjoyable.

There it is, good luck!


Contest Entries for "Dark Lore: Myth and Legend."

Title Entered Award
Dark Lore: The Allegory of Midas2017-02-13
The Character Assassin2017-02-13
Dark Lore: The Darkness.2017-03-01Winner!
Dark Lore: Polyhymnia2017-02-19
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