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Clichés - we hate reading them in poetry and we try to be responsible enough not to use them. The key of effective (as well as affective) poetry is to try to describe an experience in a unique way. However, this is where the contest comes into play

The mission of this contest is to take a common cliché in poetry and abuse it, deconstruct it, and make it wish it never existed. Feel free to pick the cliché apart through witty use of imagery, satire, and metaphor. Sarcasm is encouraged. Also smiled upon is to take an innocently intended cliché and adulterate it.

As an example: I often get sick of poets comparing children to angels. At the very least, the J. Geils Band did something different to the angel image with the song, "Centerfold." THIS EXAMPLE IS OFF LIMITS! Be original. Be clever. Be cunning. I will judge based on how badly you can roast this cliché. Most importantly, have fun dishing out the vitriol against these poetic plagues.


Contest Entries for "Revisiting The Cliché"

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fate and life's2011-11-18
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