Poetry Contest: Riddles In the Dark.

Riddles In the Dark. Results

Grand prize: DC$ 10

Contest Creator:

The rules were given as the following:

The objective of this contest is to create a riddle on some sort of dark subject matter. The contest will run for 30 days with a prize of 10 DC$.
You can read my "Riddles For the Profane I-VI" for examples of riddles or read the wikipedia page on riddles. Or even feel free to create your own format of riddle.
This contest will be judged by myself on a 30 point scale, on 4 specific criteria. Below I will give the point totals for each criteria and a brief explanation.
Poetic Element: 10 points
(Use of poetic elements such as rhyme, metaphor, allegory, alliteration, personification... etc..)
Meter: 5 points
(You don't have to use a specific meter, the more fluidly the riddle reads the more points you'll be awarded.)
Darkness of Subject Matter: 5 points
(The more sinister the subject the more points you'll be awarded. Perverted, Sex, or happy themed entries will be disqualified.)
Creative Merit: 10 points
(The more challenging/clever the riddle and the more it makes sense the more points you'll be awarded.)
Obviously all plagiarized entries will be disqualified, as well as any entries that are perverted or happy in theme.
All entries should include the following prefix to the title of the riddle: "Riddles In the Dark: (Your title here) "
Do not enter the answer to the riddle in the title or throughout the riddle itself.
One entry per person.
Think dark, be clever.
Good luck!


Contest Entries for "Riddles In the Dark."

Title Entered Award
Riddles In the Dark: What Am I2010-02-22
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