Poetry Contest: ...A path not taken...

...A path not taken... Results

Grand prize: DC$ 20

Contest Creator: SolApathy

The rules were given as the following:

...A path not taken...Blessing in disguise or a life forsaken?

Welcome to the thoughts that torture us silently, Or result in a turn of events that made our lives much brighter...

What was your path untaken? Was it the right choice, the wrong choice, or is is still up for debate?

Your poem can be happy or sad, but it must be an in depth view of the path untaken and how that choice transformed your life.

This contest will last 1 month, and will have a reward of $20 Ducats.

I will be asking some of our more illustrious members to assist in the judging. I look forward to seeing your submissions!

There are no specific rhyme schemes required to enter.


Contest Entries for "...A path not taken..."

Title Entered Award
What if what if what if 2022-06-28
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