Poetry Contest: Deep Space: ::/:;. Dark Matter

Deep Space: ::/:;. Dark Matter Results

Grand prize: DC$ 25

Contest Creator: TheProphetUntold

The rules were given as the following:

The Tribe of Cain Presents:

Deep Space: ::/:;. Dark Matter


Since I can remember I have fascinated with image and idea of what is beyond our world, both physically and theoretically, and I am positive that I am not alone in this fascination.

For this contest we would like you to submit a poem about one of two subjects (or both if you see fit), related to the cosmos.

Deep Space Objects and/or Dark Matter.

Do a little research about them and see if you find the inspiration to shed a little celestial light (or darkness).

If you are doing a poem about a specific deep space object then it may be helpful to include the name and/or a link at the bottom of your work to offer a little more insight into your work.

As is our way, the contest will be judged on a fair scale based on creative merit, poetic element and overall readability.

We are looking forward to seeing what you all can come up with!


Contest Entries for "Deep Space: ::/:;. Dark Matter"

Title Entered Award
...Event Horizon2017-06-01
Barnard 332017-05-22Winner!
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