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Creative Writing 101 – Look at your Hand and write a poem
This was an assignment from my first creative writing class, Creative Writing 101. It was a total blast!
The instructions are: Look at your hand and write a poem about it. Any style, including free verse, is acceptable.
Prize will be given to the most creative, entertaining poem as decided by a team of three judges… Grandaddy Bonegrinder, and his two sons… Kenton – English Professor SUNY Fredonia, Adam – Chair of Education - St Boneventure.
Example: this is what Grandaddy wrote for the assignment.
The Trial of the Hired Hand
"did ya try to strip her?" Stroker.
lines and little creases, and dexterous releases
"were ya lonely?"
did ya try to make her ?" Shaker.
open and aloof, with a thumb opposing truth
"were ya fingerprinted?"
"did ya ever smack her?" Slapper.
better to desert her, than a thickly calloused hurter
"are ya scared?"
"why'd ya wanna grab her?" Gripper.
caressing like a vice, so flushed, so red, so tight
"were ya drunk?"
"why'd ya wanna bash her?" Smasher.
muscle tan and taunt , a living hammer if you want
"are ya hiding somethin'?"

your witness, Mister Fister.
Good luck to all and have fun!


Contest Entries for "Creative Writing 101"

Title Entered Award
From your favorite hand2010-01-06
what's your sign?2010-01-04Winner!
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