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Grand prize: DC$ 20

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The rules were given as the following:

lately i've come to find that less can mean more.

so that is exactly what i am proposing, less words for more ducats. it is time to shed some of that verbiage and find your inner minimalist.

here are the rules:

20 ducats for 20 words.
-your poem must be 20 words exactly no more no less.

waste not want not
-all words count. use your ration of words carefully. you can strike a fierce blow with a score of words or you can fail to make a dent.

still lives, small eternities
-the contents of your piece should capture a moment, place me in that moment, i want to feel what you feel if only briefly.

reflect your literacy
-spell check and grammar check are your friends, use them, embrace them. any error amongst such a small number of words can be fatal.

that all, now get to it. happy writing. :)


Contest Entries for "small eternities"

Title Entered Award
fight fire with water2011-11-24
how long?2011-12-04
Unexpected Affection2011-11-21
~ 8x8 ~2011-11-19
Division by zero2011-11-24
Scarred Xiii2011-11-18
out.wit......dead....with a silent "dee"2011-11-21
verbal sadism (renamed)2011-12-10
Fleshful Frolic2011-11-25
Stick Figures2011-11-20
Twenty puffs2011-11-22
gaining the storm2011-12-02
god stalks the hills of the weary2011-12-06Winner!
. . . ravissement . . .2011-11-19
Pisces song2011-11-23
Fall in the city2011-11-24
distraction 2011-12-04
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