Poetry Contest: An Ode to Darkness

An Ode to Darkness Results

Grand prize: DC$ 15

Contest Creator: Amaryllis

The rules were given as the following:

**This contest is open to any member of DarkPoetry.**The winning piece should contain "An Ode to Darkness" as the subtitle. [Example: Summer Nights (An Ode to Darkness)] If your piece does not contain "An Ode to Darkness" in the title, it will most likely be disqualified from the contest. It will be a piece that embodies the appeal and beauty of darkness and all that dwells within it. Any poetry style may be used, but the piece should reflect a love and worship of the dark. Proofread carefully! Please refer to the Inked In Darkness mission to help give you an idea of what our group is all about. http://www.darkpoetry.com/node/work/127974The winning piece will be adopted as the Inked In Darkness creed with full credit being given to the author. You must be willing to allow your piece to be used in conjunction with Inked In Darkness promotions, future contests, and possibly DarkPoetry advertisement.The winning piece will be chosen by a majority vote by a panel of DarkPoetry Cabal Leaders and Co-Leaders. In the event of a tie, myself and the co-leaders of Inked In Darkness (DemiMoonish and DravenDarkheart) will choose the winner by majority vote.This will be the first of many contests sponsored by myself and Inked In Darkness in the future. Any questions can be mailed to myself, DemiMoonish, or DravenDarkheart. We look forward to reading your works.Night is the new day.


Contest Entries for "An Ode to Darkness"

Title Entered Award
Enthroned by Darkness (An Ode to Darkness)2010-04-29Winner!
Dark Prayer2010-04-14
Shadows of My Mind (An Ode to Darkness)2010-04-21
An Ode To Darkness2010-04-14
Slave to the Shadows: An Ode to Darkness2010-04-29
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