Poetry Contest: "Generation Gap"

"Generation Gap" Results

Grand prize: DC$ 20

Contest Creator: dwells

The rules were given as the following:

Young people should write a poem about old people, and vice versa. For those in the middle ages, take your pick or contrast if you like. No rules really. It can be sexy or snide, sarcastic or satirical, pedantic or polemic, humorous or humorless.
Entries will be judged on originality, artistic merit, and message. Extra credit for a few chuckles along the way, cheers!


Contest Entries for ""Generation Gap""

Title Entered Award
Not Equal to the Task2012-04-12
A Grandmother's Advice2012-04-02Winner!
Quest for Little Stuffed Doggie 2012-04-04
To Miss a Lummox2012-04-02
The Golden Years2012-04-19
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