Poetry Contest: Collaboration Contest

Collaboration Contest Results

Grand prize: DC$ 24

Contest Creator: TropicalSnowstorm

The rules were given as the following:

Dark Poetry, a place that's, first and foremost, a forum for like-minded poets to meet and meld against whatever adversities brought them here to begin with. Nothing exemplifies this more than a collaboration, a singular poem crafted by the shared passions and styles of two respective poets, which brings me to this contest; I want you to pick a partner and write your own collaborative piece together.

The theme and structure are entirely left open, so don't stress! Experiment! Be daring! Teams will be comprised of no more than two people, so the prize can be divvied up evenly and you'll both be awarded points based on two categories: seamlessness and artistic merit, both five points each.

But most of all, collaborations are about making connections, so put your heart into it. Good luck and have fun!

This contest is open to everyone, with the winning prize of 24 Ducats to be split between the winning team. You’ll need to pick one author to have the entry hosted on their account, and then the host of the winning piece can in turn forward 12 Ducats of the total prize on to their writing partner.

Two unbiased, but enthusiastic and highly qualified judges will select the winning piece. Go forth and create, dark poets! We anxiously await the chance to read what you create together!

With very best regards,

The High Order of Caratacos, silver-tongued bastards all.


Contest Entries for "Collaboration Contest"

Title Entered Award
The Final Observer (with ColorMeToxic)2016-09-23Winner!
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