Poetry Contest: Hawking's Universe

Hawking's Universe Results

Grand prize: DC$ 12

Contest Creator: Lux

The rules were given as the following:

Greetings, poets.

As many of you have come to know, Stephen Hawking has passed away. As a man of science and math, he gifted this world with several great discoveries, including the knowledge that black holes emit radiation, leak energy into space and even explode.

In honor of his memory, I'm creating a contest devised specifically for the topic of space. There is no minimum or maximum of words and no rules regarding structure.

You can write about black holes, the big bang theory, galaxies, supernovas, etc. The criteria is up to you, as long as it is relative to space. This includes Earth!

You can theme it cosmic love, or Neil DeGrasse Tyson's soulmate, or even form a shape of words for a concrete poem.

Points for:

*Scientific Accuracy (Love can feel like a supernova, but planets do not explode of their own accord.)
Using the following words:


Extra Extra points for working in a guesstimation of your own, your own scientific theory of time and space. (This is just to see what you can come up with.)

Have fun!


Contest Entries for "Hawking's Universe"

Title Entered Award
...Celestial Musings2018-03-24
Stardate 3.14: As an Antimatter of Fact2018-03-29
White castle in the sky (Revised)2018-03-22
the big dipper2018-03-25
A Star is Born2018-04-08
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