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Grand prize: DC$ 12

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Hello Lovely Poets,

This is my first contest, so please bear with me :). As we all know, the place that we call home shapes us in so many ways, and I always say be proud of where you're from. What this contest is about is celebrating your home. There are no specific poetic styles that I'm looking for, just allow me/this amazing community a glimpse into the place that y'all call home. Your entry can embody what is unique about your home, how it has shaped you into the person you are today, how you feel about your home, or any other such things that stand out starkly to you when you think about your home.

Details, Details, Details:

1. The prize is twelve ducats
2. The duration of this contest is ten days
3. This must be a new work *
4. A graphic art image can accompany your entry **
5. Please include "Where My Beautiful Heart Is" in the "Author's Note" section of your entry
6. No collaborations

* If the poem you choose to enter is something that you have already written, that's fine. It just can't have been posted on darkpoetry.com before.

** Any graphic art images that are used must have the source of the image cited if it is not your own personal image.

Please, feel free to DP mail me if you have any questions :)

Good luck, lovely poets



Contest Entries for "Where Your Beautiful Heart Is"

Title Entered Award
...Backhanded recollections2017-04-11
My Heart2017-04-14
Hawaiian Hearts near and far2017-04-12Winner!
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