Poetry Contest: -How Long Can You Prolong?-

-How Long Can You Prolong?- Results

Grand prize: DC$ 6

Contest Creator: sTr8-jAcKeT

The rules were given as the following:

In this contest, the goal will be with poetry to explain an action or event that only takes a moment in time; e.g. slicing a tomato or stepping on a spider. But the catch is describing & writing a poem as long as humanly poasible about it. Short entries will not win cute points here. These are to be as poetic & descriptive as a galaxy is wide.
So the question is, how long can you prolong?!?!?


Contest Entries for "-How Long Can You Prolong?-"

Title Entered Award
Five Minutes 2019-04-06Winner!
Many Shades Of Wonder With A Shortcut To The Moon2019-04-10
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