Poetry Contest: Creative Writing With A Prompt Contest

Creative Writing With A Prompt Contest Results

Grand prize: DC$ 25

Contest Creator:

The rules were given as the following:

With this contest I am looking for the best, most creative work to add to the basic outline of an idea for a a story I came up with.

The outline can be found here. --->http://www.darkpoetry.com/node/work/134549

will be judged on how well they fit into the general outline of events and for creative merit as judged by me, myself, and I.

Grammar and spelling will also be used to determine the winner.

All stories submitted must be the authors own original work and should follow the time line of events and stick with the general theme but, extra consideration will be given to those works who give more attention to detail and flesh out the ideas in the writing prompt.

Good luck and get to scribbling!


Contest Entries for "Creative Writing With A Prompt Contest"

Title Entered Award
Midnight's Dominion2010-08-28Winner!
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