Poetry Contest: Twice into the darkness

Twice into the darkness Results

Grand prize: DC$ 25

Contest Creator: SolApathy

The rules were given as the following:

Welcome to my first poetry contest…This contest is very simple, yet deviously complex in a twist of fate in which anyone can relate… Take a darkness, turn it to light, then end it with a blackness deeper than the darkest night. You may use any metrical style you wish with your poem. I have included an example below; it is you, and your paintbrush of ink that you must lay upon the canvas and demonstrate how tragic events can take turns that the reader would never expect in retrospect…


have included a link to the poem which will serve as an example of the tone I am looking for...I expect your own unique theme, though :) Best of luck I am sure every poem entered will be an excellent example of the talented poets within this site.


Contest Entries for "Twice into the darkness"

Title Entered Award
Hatred, Love, Alone.2017-02-09
The Paper Man2017-02-13
Rebirth of death 2017-02-10
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