Poetry Contest: Dial "1" For Poetry

Dial "1" For Poetry Results

Grand prize: DC$ 10

Contest Creator: lupus tenebrae

The rules were given as the following:

So, awhile back, I was going through a little bit of an experimental phase, with my ultimate goal being the discovery of a style
that I'd never truly exhaust. Despite my best sleuthing, I couldn't quite find something with that exact stipulation, luckily the answer delivered itself to me. It was serendipity, that on the very same day I was wracking my brain, I was bombarded by a number of telemarketers and I then turned my full attention (and frustration) to finding unique ways to troll them. I killed two birds with one stone, and came up with the style of Tele-Verse: a style of poetry which utilizes the digits of a phone number as the sole way of gauging syllable count. Since no two numbers are alike, I effectively created a style with near-endless possibilities.

Which brings me to this contest: show me just how well you can utilize this style, I want you to make it your own. The winner will be, of course, the person who utilizes it the best.

As for the rules, they're quite simple;

Don't use private numbers, try using businesses instead ( or make up your own)
Only use numbers 0-9, this one's kinda obvious, but I'm just covering my bases
For every instance of the number, "0", use an ellipses
Free-verse is highly recommended, but rhyming verse is optional
You're free to take a few liberties, so long as you follow the general format
Finally, your poem can be on any subject matter

I'll provide a few examples at the bottom, and if you have any further questions, feel free to message me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I guess that's it, then, good luck!

Example 1; http://www.darkpoetry.com/node/work/179647

2; http://www.darkpoetry.com/node/work/173546

3; http://www.darkpoetry.com/node/work/174774


Contest Entries for "Dial "1" For Poetry"

Title Entered Award
Sunday afternoons at 20 Maresfield Gardens2015-03-18Winner!
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