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Unrequited Erotica Results

Grand prize: DC$ 10

Contest Creator: edenscancer

The rules were given as the following:

Unrequited love... lust... of the body and soul. Could it be that your love or obsession is not felt in return? Or is it that the object of this emotion or magnetism cannot act upon their own feelings, which leaves you aching and pained even more knowing it ALMOST could be?

Few emotions in a poets arsenal are as volatile and powerful as love in its various forms. It can be wings. It can be shackles. Unrequited love can be both as well...

I am not one, who is so much for restricting form, as I am for content as you will see by how this contest will be judged.

Write a poem in any form, flow, or style which incorporates the following...

1. Unrequited love with imagery of its three various forms.
1A: Agape: Spiritual love, love of god, a godlike lover, etc
1B: Eros: Lustful love, sexual and physically intimate love, etc
1C: Philia: love of a friend, brotherly/sisterly love

1D: addendum: You may stretch the bounds of each form of love to make them work. You may contextualize and compress the forms in as abstract a manner as you wish so long as each are included in some way and balanced. (ie: do not just mention haphazardly one form and then focus on another form for 99% of the poem). Balance the forms, and make sure the forms are recognizable.

2. Length: You may structure this in Three acts or let it flow as one piece, skipping from form to form. It should however be a longer piece. I'm not looking for haiku. Ideally I would like to see works that I at least have to scroll the page once or twice in order to read the entire work. I just want to see the ideas explored fully, and it can be difficult with such a complex issue to see that fulfilled in less than 20 lines.

3. Speak from your heart. It is extremely apparent when someone just writes what they think sounds "cool" or dark. When someone FEELS something from their gut, and tempers it with their pen... and creates a weapon built from words... THAT is the kind of work befitting such a universal, yet complex and overarching subject as unrequited love.

4. exercise your demons. Odds are even many here haven't touched this subject because of just how personal it is... Even on an amazing site like this which applauds people spilling their insides onto the artistic altar for the world to see. This can be a painful topic...

5. The work must have an emphasis on erotic imagery tying all the other forms together. (interpret this however you wish)

ANYWAYS! the Poem will be judged on the previous characteristics. You may interpret them how you wish, but really it's going to come down to what it always does... The piece of work that latches onto the soul and wont let go... that will be the winner.

Good luck! and may the prose be ever in your favor ;)


Contest Entries for "Unrequited Erotica"

Title Entered Award
way down below2019-02-16
Take me2019-02-14Winner!
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