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Grand prize: DC$ 24

Contest Creator: spikedwithLUST

The rules were given as the following:

Hey all,

We're inviting you to write a mini-crown of poems. The traditional crown uses sonnets, but as poets partial to free verse, the traditional form is not required. However, the following are required:

1. Write 3 poems of at least 14 lines each. All 3 should be included in one post.

2. The three poems must adhere to a theme of your choice. Each poem should explore a different aspect of the theme.

3. The poems should also be linked by the last line. The last line of the first poem should be the first line of next and so on. The first line of poem 1 should be the last line of poem 3.

Confused? Us too. Let Wikipedia help you https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_of_sonnets

contest is inspired by the lovely Anna and her own hard work on a crown of sonnets. Thanks, Anna :)

Happy Writing,

Nae and Tim


Contest Entries for "mini-crowns"

Title Entered Award
takes of time2017-01-18
Silence: A Trilogy2017-01-08
dendrite crown2017-01-16Winner!
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