Poetry Contest: Summer Gave Way To fall

Summer Gave Way To fall Results

Grand prize: DC$ 15

Contest Creator: River Lily

The rules were given as the following:

This is going to be rather simple,
nothing fancy so be easy on me for this is
my first time holding a contest.

I love fall,
changing of the leaves..Halloween,
apple cider and bonfires you get the picture.

Write a New poem, rhyme,free verse or any style of your choosing about the transition from summer to fall, or your favorite fall activity..


The subject I chose should be used.

Make it stand out, color your text with
red, orange, yellow, or brown.

Along with your title put that its a contest entry :)

That's all have fun


Contest Entries for "Summer Gave Way To fall"

Title Entered Award
you play music notes whilst i write words. 2015-09-17
Fall Festival (Summer Gave Way)2015-09-11
A Brush With Brisk Autumn (Contest Entry)2015-09-16
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