Poetry Contest: 2 Heads, 1 Poem

2 Heads, 1 Poem Results

Grand prize: DC$ 12

Contest Creator: lupus tenebrae

The rules were given as the following:

Collaboration, nothing exemplifies the depth of our humble community better; a like-minded dance of differing styles and walks, the ultimate connection between poets. Which brings me to the premise of this contest: I want you to show me your deepening connections to one another, and write a collaborative piece.

Thematically, the piece is up to you, and the contest is limited to groups of two so the prize can be divvied up evenly, however, there is a catch; you will have a choice of three specific, collab-friendly styles that I myself have used in my own collaborations with two of my best poet friends, ColorMeToxic and GhettoZombie.

The styles and subsequent examples of each will be provided below, best of luck, poets! But more importantly...unwind and experiment, really get to know your partner, you may find this only serves to solidify your already apparent friendships, while others find new and lasting ones they never would have before, let's break boundaries and show what it really means to be a poetry community.

The three styles chosen for this contest are as follows:

the lanturne:

mirror sestet:

englyn milwr:

And the examples for each are here, respectively:

lanturne example:

sestet example:

milwr example:


Contest Entries for "2 Heads, 1 Poem"

Title Entered Award
snow kissed under northern lights. ~ft. nett. 2016-12-10
Dark Reflections ~with~ 10 Forty Three2016-12-17
Of Butterflies And Dragons (feat. Anna McCarra)2016-12-21Winner!
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