Poetry Contest: ...Intensity

...Intensity Results

Grand prize: DC$ 20

Contest Creator: SolApathy

The rules were given as the following:

As our souls burn with the intensity of hate or love, or just a dim ember of what once, was...

Weave me a tale of darkness or light, or the surrender of one who has no more fight...

Use 2 of the words listed below in your entry, you may choose to use more, but 2 is the minimum...I am looking for creative use and blistering imagery...

-Unwonted (yes, unwonted, not unwanted)
-Solicitude (yes, solicitude, not solitude)


Contest Entries for "...Intensity "

Title Entered Award
Her, Revealed. 2018-03-12Winner!
Intense Control2018-03-30
Colleagues description of me at a faculty mixer of the...2018-03-18
Mellow Decrescendo2018-03-28
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