Poetry Contest: Share A Story In A Poem

Share A Story In A Poem Results

Grand prize: DC$ 30

Contest Creator: A Dispelled Truth

The rules were given as the following:

In this contest you will be challenged to write a story in the form a poem. Please take note that rhyming will contribute as a major factor in determining the winner. All rhyme schemes are acceptable (aabb, abab, etc.)

The genre of your poem can be about anything. Happy, sad. Dark, light. This list goes on and on.

The only real requirement is that it has a clear rhyme scheme and story.

As tradition, you'll be graded on language, fluidity, and clever ideas.



Contest Entries for "Share A Story In A Poem"

Title Entered Award
He Is Love2012-04-30
Afternoon of the Wolf2012-04-30
Yuletide Coffee Mug2012-05-08
The Wilted Stem2012-05-08
Down in Yucatan2012-04-28Winner!
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