Poetry Contest: Twisted Faery-Tales

Twisted Faery-Tales Results

Grand prize: DC$ 13

Contest Creator: BloodCountess

The rules were given as the following:


We are looking for twisted faery-tales; in wicked and/or dark manner.

Basic rules:
1) It can be new OR old work
2) No maximum or minimum amount of words
3) Poem/lyrics/comics/short story - all formats are
4) You need to use an existing faery-tale as an
5) Your work must have added your originality - just pure
re-telling of old gothic/dark stories will not count
6) It needs to have a dark twist, sting-in-a-tail
7) Please, put the name of the original faery-tale used in
author's note (so we can trace it)
8) Entry must be posted before or on 28th September

Twisted tales are my heart-affair so to make it more objective, there will be 3 judges and voting system.
We will be looking for visuals, creative imagery, good flow and correct spelling.
Like any faery-tale, it should be captivating and fun to read.

I will announce the winner on 1st October.

Have fun and good luck!


Contest Entries for "Twisted Faery-Tales"

Title Entered Award
Prayer to Saint Alice2012-09-20
The Maiden Wore Schizophrenia (Twisted Fairy Tale Entry)2012-09-09
Pinocchio's Downfall2012-09-24Winner!
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