Poetry Contest: Ask me a question, I'll tell no lies.

Ask me a question, I'll tell no lies. Results

Grand prize: DC$ 6

Contest Creator: Dei

The rules were given as the following:

Rules are simple. You have to poetically ask me the most personal question you can think of. Please feel free to really go into detail. Dig deep.

keep in mind, The more specific the question, the more specific my answer will be.

The winning poem will receive 6 ducats and my answer written in prose.

there are no restrictions on style or vocabulary, but i will take creativity, and sincerity into account. PS, flattery gets you everywhere.


Contest Entries for "Ask me a question, I'll tell no lies. "

Title Entered Award
Who is it that your heart beats for?2012-11-17
midnight madness matters2012-11-19
How Do You Like it?2012-11-15
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