Poetry Contest: Poetic Pinmanship

Poetic Pinmanship Results

Grand prize: DC$ 6

Contest Creator: Amaryllis

The rules were given as the following:

This contest calls for your best, PG-RATED poem.

-Any form, any style, any length.

-The poem needs to be suitable for all ages in both topic and language. No erotica or excessively violent themes. Any theme that is not adult-natured is acceptable. If you are unsure whether or not your theme is acceptable, please DP mail or post an inquiry thread on the site forum.

-The entry must be set to public viewing and may not be rated R (18 or over).

-Entries may be old or new works.

The winner will receive a 6dc prize as well as having their winning poem featured on the Dark Poetry official Facebook page. There will be a status update announcing the winner and the poem will be shared on the page as a link, so all entries should be set to public viewing so that page fans can follow the link and view the poem. The link will be pinned to the top of the Facebook page for 2 full days.

The winner will be determined by a panel of at least three impartial judges. In the case of a tie, both poems will be featured and pinned for 1 day each.

Following the rules of this particular contest is very important and any entrants that do not will automatically and without consideration, be disqualified.

If the response to this type of contest is good, it could possibly become a regular occurrence on the site.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please DP mail Evangeline or feel free to post a thread on the Contestorama board on the site forum.

Good luck!


Contest Entries for "Poetic Pinmanship"

Title Entered Award
If I Could....2013-07-17
A Thousand Love Songs And None Fit You2013-07-18
Star-crossed in Perigee2013-07-17
Cosmic Connection2013-07-23
holographic pokémon cards.2013-07-19
please, aurora.2013-07-22
O'cometh torture, O'cometh death2013-07-23
of seawater and of skin, of boys too close2013-07-18
Safe Now in the Wild2013-07-18
Fall, Icarus.2013-07-20
Posession in Blue2013-07-18
Dissociative? Maybe2013-07-17
On Philosophy2013-07-17
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