Poetry Contest: Fool Me Once, Twice, Thrice

Fool Me Once, Twice, Thrice Results

Grand prize: DC$ 7

Contest Creator: 10 Forty Three

The rules were given as the following:

Greetings Dark Poets,

Have you ever been fooled more than once? Most of us have, I'm sure. When keep allowing ourselves to fall for fallacies, then there is something definitely wrong there. I want to know why.

Here are the rules:

1) Tell me about a time you kept being fooled or kept allowing yourself to be fooled by someone or something.

2) It can be any length. The more detailed, however, the better.

3) It can be an old work or a new one.

Pour your hearts out and good luck everyone!


Contest Entries for "Fool Me Once, Twice, Thrice"

Title Entered Award
Memory Was Never Enough2019-04-12Winner!
9 Mirrors Pink 2019-04-10
It beckons2019-04-12
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