Poetry Contest: Any Style Contest

Any Style Contest Results

Grand prize: DC$ 32

Contest Creator: Adam

The rules were given as the following:

I will pick a poem of any style for the prize. Prize is 32 DC (one 1/2 year of Basic or 1/4 Full). I like funny stuff but may pick a serious poem, basically I just want people partaking in the contests again.Poems, Graphics, or audio will be evaluated. I will also award a second place to one person if we have more than 5 people enter.**NOTE: ** Second place unfortunately will not show up on this page but I will send the DC's) and write a comment on your poem or graphic art. Second place prize is 16 DC enough for 1/4 year Basic.Be creative!


Contest Entries for "Any Style Contest"

Title Entered Award
DeepThroat 2010-05-14
The Cemetery at Midnight(Where Hallowed Ground Has Fallen Ill)2010-05-10
childhood curse...2010-05-13
I Believe That's A Guy (Parody)2010-05-14
A Most Beautiful Art2010-05-10
Stalkin' the Stalker2010-05-11Winner!
Evil Deed2010-05-13
So You Thought You Were Innocent2010-05-06
On Beauty2010-05-10
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