Poetry Contest: Tell Me About Your Demon/s

Tell Me About Your Demon/s Results

Grand prize: DC$ 8

Contest Creator: Willow Wept

The rules were given as the following:

1: Explanation of the title of the contest-
Works should be about personal issues such as:
Mental Disorder: Depression, Anxiety (any form of), Bi-polar Disorder, PTSD, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders etc.
Pain (physical or mental)
Self Harm

Basically what "Demon" lies within your personal Hell.

2:Length: Must be no less than 12 lines
3:Structure: There is no preferred structure. Write it how you feel it.
4:Rhyme is not necessary but will help you. Show me how you play with your words.
5:I would like entries to be newly written works. Older ones will be accepted.
6:No collaborations. This must be your own personal work.
7:Your entry MUST be "Dark Poetry." Not happy, I love you, the day is beautiful kind of poem.
8: I want to feel as if I know something new about you.

Please email me if you have questions.


Contest Entries for "Tell Me About Your Demon/s"

Title Entered Award
I'm Not Okay2016-11-07
The Mirrored Windows2016-11-12Winner!
my flavor is red. 2016-11-10
I Need You Father2016-11-08
The Motions2016-11-09
Malignant trust 2016-11-12
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