Poetry Contest: Straight, No Chaser.

Straight, No Chaser. Results

Grand prize: DC$ 10

Contest Creator: TheProphetUntold

The rules were given as the following:

Submit your best work.

If you were smart, it would be dark and not erotic.

Grading as follows.

Merit: 10pts (Original Idea/ Effort)
Element: 10pts (Meter,Format, Other Elements)

Good luck.


Contest Entries for "Straight, No Chaser."

Title Entered Award
please, aurora.2013-07-04
She died with her favorite book in her lap (repost)2013-06-27
Life is a Strife and Death is my Pleasure2013-07-02
LOOK ~*A Pretty Title*~2013-06-26
holographic pokémon cards.2013-06-27
A Fox in Mere Embers2013-06-26Winner!
Endless destruction "Shadow Poetry"2013-07-03
I am Death2013-06-29
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