Poetry Contest: Randomness/Jabberwocky

Randomness/Jabberwocky Results

Grand prize: DC$ 8

Contest Creator: GhettoZombie

The rules were given as the following:

The mission of this contest is to write a new poem that is completely random. If you can convincingly make me laugh with your randomness, you can win a prize of 8 ducats. It can be in any format, but free verse is encouraged. Example of randomness.

"My bicycle hit the clothesline and an alien in a pink bungalow near the trailer park blew his horn and condoms began to rain from his sprinkler system on the minefield."

I literally just made that up on the spot! HUMOUR IS ENCOURAGED!

Here's the surprise. There is another option. Jabberwocky!

In this contest, you construct a poem with made-up words like in the poem "Jabberwocky"


contest is acceptable. You can only enter one contest. No collabs. New content. Only one winner will be picked, regardless of the contest entered. They will all be judged equally.


Contest Entries for "Randomness/Jabberwocky"

Title Entered Award
Cenobite origami2014-01-09
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