Poetry Contest: Rhythm Is Key

Rhythm Is Key Results

Grand prize: DC$ 24

Contest Creator: Skye

The rules were given as the following:

Rhyme me a bit of poetry. Give me your best rhyme, that's all I'm looking for. I want at least four stanzas and a bit of imagery if you can do it. Not necessary, but imagery will be credited, I can only promise that. Hugs and loves people, have fun writing!


Contest Entries for "Rhythm Is Key"

Title Entered Award
Have You Not......?2016-10-26
Bright New Eyes - Part 1: Little Girl.2016-10-22Winner!
Darkness claims Hero2016-10-25
Searing Blue2016-10-20
Dawn filled night2016-10-21
To Be In Love With You2016-10-25
Empty fears2016-10-21
Your Final Awakening2016-10-21
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