Poetry Contest: Serious Business.

Serious Business. Results

Grand prize: DC$ 16

Contest Creator:

The rules were given as the following:

Nae (spikedwithLUST) and I, have paired up to create a splendid contest indeed!

We get a lot of silly poems here at DP, we also get a whole bunch of dead-serious ones. As we brainstormed what sort of contest to make, we were torn between a silly or serious contest. We found the happy medium!

The rules are as follows: You are to write the most stoic, serious, stone faced, ain't kiddin' , brick house of a poem the world has ever seen. As if seriousness got promoted and now sits in a very serious office signing off on very important documents...

HOWEVER, there are 10 words/items that MUST be included in this poem, all 10, or else you seriously fail. Nae has selected 5, and I have selected 5.

AS this is serious business, you MUST spell check your work! You can rhyme, you can free verse, do what you please but for the love of all that is sacred PLEASE make sure it is all spell/grammar checked.

Your essential ingredients are:
1. Blue fairy
2. Cookie crisps
3. Ham-boning
4. Hard to get
5. Ass rap
6. Weasel pelts
7. Gee-whiz bro
8. Giggle shorts
9. Bingo
10. Squat-thrusting (or squat thrusts)

There you go, All must be included, HOWEVER, this is a 16 ducat contest, and you can win a bonus 4 ducats if you include the bonus words as seen below! You must use all 4 to get the bonus credit but BEWARE, your poem still has to seem serious, and this might make it a little more difficult.

* Dad's big chest
* Weenus
* Diaper clippers
* Toucan stubs

Remember, the bonus words are just for extra ducats. The poem still has to look serious, so at your own risk people. You only need the 10 to win

This is in honor of our dear friend, Summer. She was a beast at taking random words, often gathered in the chat, and writing epic poems utilizing them all. So it is in the spirit of her awesomeness that we present you all with this most quirky of contests. Try to do us and her proud.


Contest Entries for "Serious Business. "

Title Entered Award
I love her just the way she is2011-12-05
. . . misanthropy murdered forever . . .2011-12-17
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