Poetry Contest: A Poem that counts.

A Poem that counts. Results

Grand prize: DC$ 25

Contest Creator: kinkifrog

The rules were given as the following:

I would like you to create a Fibonacci poem

Fibonacci was a mathematician known widely for his work surrounding the golden ratio and was responsible for introducing this sequence to the West ( previously described by the Indian mathematician Virahanka )

Yet you need not be a mathematical wizard to enter.

You just need to be able to count and know what a syllable is.

The sequence is created by adding one number to the one preceding it as follows


you get the picture.

There is no meter or rhyme , merely that syllable count per line.

Your poem may have 6 , 7 or 8 lines then after that you can see the lines become a little too long and rambling though I have seen examples doing so.

Your poem may swell outwards and inwards , which is pleasing , reducing the syllable count after the eighth line , which should form a sort of turning point within the poem , back down to one.

This site here has a clear explanation and also some of the many variations that are possible.


a quick example to demonstrate

believe me
all you have to do
is write me a poem that counts please
sometimes it's fun to try something different ; like parkour !
bounce off the walls , leap through windows
slide down banisters
be careful
don't break

and here's one I prepared earlier


poem may be as long or short as you wish.

One stanza or a whole string . It's entirely up to you

Please feel free to contact me via dp mail if you have any questions.

$25 ducats for the winner

you have one month

Good Luck :)


Contest Entries for "A Poem that counts."

Title Entered Award
she took the midnight train heading anywhere. 2017-01-31
Fibonacci Personality2017-02-10
Apogee: Fibonacci on Fire2017-01-23
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