Poetry Contest: Snuff Film:Resurrection

Snuff Film:Resurrection Results

Grand prize: DC$ 10

Contest Creator: Honey

The rules were given as the following:

Alright,for those of you in the know,several years ago(during the suicideseason era) I had a series of poems "Snuff Film"based on a type of cinema known as ,oddly enough,snuff films.

If you are unfamiliar with this genre,this contest might not be your cup of tea.They tended to be grizzly.Some might say tasteless.I'm not here to debate that point.

What I am here to do is ask for your help.I would like to continue the series. But... I lack the inspiration to do so. "Why?", you ask.It's hard to explain. Still I'll give it a try.

When I was finished penning a "snuff film" poem...I always felt this great sense of release.That probably sounds sick,twisted,crude... But I have spent hours and hours,tear after tear,poem after poem,sticking a knife into my soul and turning it. Anyway...as I said, I want to reanimate this dormant piece of my writing style. And this is where you come in.

Write me a free verse snuff film poem. I want sick,sick,sick. I want darkest recesses of the human mind type of thinking. I want creativity...so many ways to kill...so many ways to die. Do not give me the generic or the lifeless, lest I spit upon you every time that our paths cross in chat. Although I never capitalized or got graphic with the sexual element ,(aside from a shot gun to a fair maiden's...well, you know...And that was totally Silent Stalker's idea) you are more than welcome,nay,encouraged to do so. Please,blow me away.

Judging Criteria:

The contest will be judged on a 25 point scale.Each entry will be judged by each of the Three, those totals will be combined and averaged. The entry with the highest average score will be declared the winner.

The 25 point system breaks down as follows:

Poetic Element: 10 points(Poetic elements include: Metaphor, alliteration, rhyme, allegory...etc. The better you utilize these methods the better the score. )

Meter: 5 points(The better and more smoothly the poem reads, the better the score.)

Creative Merit: 10 points(The more your work shows relevance to the suggested theme the better the score, also the less cliche and less forced your work sounds, the better the score.)

Those are the guidelines for this free verse contest.The prize will be 10 ducats.The contest will run for three weeks.

If you have any further questions,comments or concerns,feel free to DP mail me.I thank you for your interest and for your participation.Good luck.-Tim


Contest Entries for "Snuff Film:Resurrection"

Title Entered Award
Thr.ill Ride (Don't forget to press record)2010-05-31
Ellen Jospehine2010-05-29
Seeking Her Dwell (snuff film)2010-06-11Winner!
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