Poetry Contest: The Burning Season

The Burning Season Results

Grand prize: DC$ 7

Contest Creator: TheProphetUntold

The rules were given as the following:


The Tribe of Cain Presents:

The Burning Season

Well met travelers! A new season is upon us! Bonfires, Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin spice, apple cider, Count Chocula cereal, and USUALLY cooler temperatures... :|

In this contest we would like you to write and/or submit a poem about your favourite part of the autumn season (even if it isn't autumn where you live.. XD) It could be about Halloween, harvest, or pumpkin spice iced coffee for all we care, just make sure it relates to the season!

We'll leave this one running for as long as we can for you all to gather some inspiration and put some solid thoughts and lines together.

Enjoy the season.


Contest Entries for "The Burning Season"

Title Entered Award
Autumn is ..2017-10-09
Hedge Apples2017-10-22
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