Poetry Contest: The Greatest Hits of Your Poems

The Greatest Hits of Your Poems Results

Grand prize: DC$ 43

Contest Creator: 10 Forty Three

The rules were given as the following:

Have you ever wondered what a poem with all your best lines or stanzas would be like? If not, then now you can. Here is your chance to form the ultimate poem made up of what your fellow poets or you consider your best stanzas/lines from your poems or simply the ones that you are proud of.

Here are the rules:

1. You must use AT LEAST 6 different poems. This does not include poems that are part of a trilogy, series or saga. You may use as many poems as you’d line. The more, the better.
2. You can only use up to one stanza from each poem. You may also use just a single line from a stanza, but keep in mind that you can only use one line from one stanza PER POEM.
3. Since the poems you will be using are unrelated to each other, you are allowed to make SLIGHT modifications to some words in order for them to make sense with the rest of the lines or stanzas from the other poems.
4. You must cite the poems you use as I will be reading them.
5. The title of your poem must have (Greatest Hits) in the title. E.g. The Darkest Poem (10’s Greatest Hits).

The poem must make sense. Do not just copy and paste your lines. Really put some thought in how you would fit such a variety of themes from the stanzas you use into one. I will be judging this contest based on the cohesiveness of your poems. Any length is acceptable as long as it meets the criteria. Most of all, have fun with this and be as creative as you can be. Since this contest will require you to read through all your poems, I will be generous with the deadline.

Thank you all and good luck, Dark Poets!


Contest Entries for "The Greatest Hits of Your Poems"

Title Entered Award
The Broken Hearted's Anthem (Rose's Greatest Hits)2019-03-08
Last Night In This City (Greatest Hits Vol. 1)2019-02-17
Enmeshed In Darkness (Purp's greatest hits)2019-03-10
plush & pink (Amaryllis' Greatest Hits)2019-03-10Winner!
A Word or a Line (Greatest Hits Mash)2019-03-05
it's late & i miss u (Quietus' Greatest Hits)2019-02-21
Summary of Life (Greatest Hits Contest)2019-03-10
Sometimes I See Disjointed Faces (Wolfie's Greatest Hits)2019-03-10
The Exorcism (Anna McCarra's Greatest Hits)2019-02-17
She's too many pieces; but they're her "10 Greatest Hits"2019-03-05
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